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| Dec 27, 2021

What its like to live your life with the support of other men with Bob Z

Bob Z

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When you realize you have a support system, your life changes forever.
Today I want to share with you the most realistic episode in the history of The UNcivilized Podcast.
Today's guest is not a man who comes to give you a motivational talk, tell you how to generate six figures, and share entrepreneurship tips. He is a man who decided to change his life for the better and became part of the nation. Today, Bob Z will tell us how joining the brotherhood has become part of his story— a story that, according to his words, will be part of his life forever.
[3:08] What motivated you to join the nation?
[6:54] How did your initiation into man work begin?
[8:24] Why are people intimidated to join the group?
[11:48] How has your life changed since you joined the movement?
[15:01] What advice would you give to men who don't dare to do men's work?
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