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| Nov 30, 2020

What makes a man a man with Gentle Ben

Gentle Ben

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We have all gone through that moment where we look at ourselves in the mirror and face those ugly thoughts that we have about ourselves. Imagine one day waking up and going to that mirror and not knowing your own body, having doubts about your gender, and even hating yourself for the simple fact of being in the wrong body. That is what many people in the transgender community experience. Ben Wallace, our guest, is a transgender man who was not the exception to go through that unpleasant moment. Ben will talk to us about his personal experience of how he went from being known as Rachel to being who he really has always been, Ben Wallace. 

About Ben Wallace

Gentle Ben is an advocate, songwriter, speaker, and catalyst for compassion.

He is a man of transgender experience, who shares his story in service to all people who are open to opening their hearts to the wisdom of the trans experience.

In 2017 he was the subject of a documentary film called Real Boy, which premiered on PBS. The film followed his journey through early transition, as well as the difficult process that his mother went through in releasing the expectations that she had for who her daughter would grow up to become.

Since then he has spoken on stages and in classrooms all over the world, on a mission to make the conversation about transgender people personal. Currently, he’s in school—studying psychology with the aspiration of becoming a psychotherapist. He’s an emerging men’s work facilitator whose invitation to other men is simple; allow yourselves to be transformed by a transgender man, just as you would any other brother.

Connect with Ben

Instagram: @gentle.ben

What you'll hear

2:04 Ben’s story.

8:02 Ben talks about his family’s reaction when he was younger.

9:41 “Trauma does not invalidate the experience of transness.”

11:16 Ben talks about his parents’ acceptance.

12:25 Ben talks about his self-discovering: “I didn’t feel a connection with my body while I was looking at myself in the mirror.”

18:48 The scariest part of Ben’s transition.

29:46 Join the UNcivilized nation.

30:48 Reactions: Ben experiences men and women’s reactions to his transition.

33:05 “My transition was complete the moment I decided to just step into the truth of who I am.” Ben talks about his transition.

33:56 The difference between living as a man and living as a woman.

38:46 The hardest challenge Ben had to face

45:22 Where to find Ben.

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