What's Your Story?

What’s the story
you’re hiding
and is it true?

You may not make the NFL next year and that’s not due to your limiting beliefs. But what about your other expressions? The ones burning a hole in your soul’s pocket?

Is it true that all men in NYC are players, therefore you’ll never meet a good one?

Is it true that you can never stick to a workout program so it’s no use in trying a new approach?

Is it true that as a man you can’t integrate strength and vulnerability together? That it’s either one or the other?

Behind everything
but your lack of
an NFL career is
a story. One you
get to write,
edit, and rewrite.

Get to it if you want more for yourself and those you’re leading.

Playtime with my storytelling guru @strategicsamurai in Santa Barbara.

Yours uncivilized,


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