The UNcivilized Podcast

| Oct 15, 2020

Why men need to be initiated now more than ever with Jeddy Azuma

Jeddy Azuma

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Can you imagine living a week-long without food, water, shelter, or company? That sounds crazy, right? Today's guest, Jeddy Azuma, will explain to us about the ritual that leads men to initiate a new life where the inner joy will be found.

Jeddy decided to start living his life dream: Creating an intentional community with two of his best friends. He will share the experience with us: The start-up, how he deals with the different personalities living in a close community. Also, we dived into his life as a guide and mentor for many men that took the risk of spending a week living in discomfort.

About Jeddy

Jeddy Azuma is the host of “The Rising Man Podcast” (Top #150 in Educational Podcasts) and Creator of The Rising Man Movement. He has been in the field of Men’s Leadership and Empowerment for the past 10 years.

As a Rites of Passage Guide, Mentor, and Leadership Coach, Jeddy has impacted the lives of hundreds of men on his mission to initiate an entire generation of men into power and purpose-driven service to the world. He is a Founding Father of Conscious Man Brotherhood and a lead coach in Man Cave, Unleash the Beast, and King’s Court.

Despite his many roles and contributions to “Men’s Work,” Jeddy considers his most important jobs to be Father and Husband.

“I always knew I wanted to make a major impact on the world, I just had NO idea how to do that in my 20’s. After numbing myself with substances and fear-based behaviors for years, I finally found a path in men’s work and rites of passage that fed my soul. And, I knew it was only a matter of time before I would give this medicine back to the men around me. NOW, I’m clear that the gift I have for my people is to prepare the next generation of men to lead their families, communities, and themselves powerfully and confidently into uncertain times.”

Connect with Jeddy

Instagram: @jeddyazuma
Movement Instagram: @risingmanmovement

What you'll hear

1:56 Jeddy talks about moving out to a 10 acres land with his two best friends.

6:39 Coexistence in an intentional community: the good and the bad.

10:03 Jeddy talks about the future he expects for his children and his community.

12:01 Jeddy talks about the community set up.

13:16 A community organization.

15:40 Jeddy first morning after moving out to the land.

19:47 Jeddy talks about his work with men and how he helps them in his initiation process.

21:33 The distinction between “The rite of passage” and “Initiation”.

22:44 Jeddy explains the road to manhood.

27:34 How the rites of passage work connects men to their past version.

32:32 Jeddy as a guide and leader: The process he walks men through.

34:17 Jeddy relationship with the father archetype.

37:16 Jeddy explains how do you father yourself.

40:30 Jeddy talks about the men's ritual initiation process.

45:18 How is the incorporation after the men ritual like.

48:15 The shift he saw in the people he helped.

50:04 Jeddy teaches about how to join the inner joy.

52:20 Where to find Jeddy.

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