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| Aug 30, 2021

Why men need to understand myth with Rick Alexander

Rick Alexander

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There are different ways of conceptualizing masculinity.

Today's guest is Rick Alexander, and in today's episode, he will teach us what it means to be a man from the mythological perspective.

Have you ever felt that you are not answering your call?  You are not the only one. Rick will share his story with us about how he went from being a military man to following his call and becoming a writer, speaker, and coach. This is an unplugged episode, one that you definitely can't miss.


Rick lives to find the depth in life. After serving 12 years in the military in a special operations capacity, he answered his next call to adventure to became a writer, speaker, and coach. He creates content exploring mythology, psychology, spirituality, and the human quest to find meaning.

You can learn more about his ideas in his podcast 'A Thousand Names for God', by reading his latest book Ambitious Heroes and Heartache, by enrolling in his courses or upcoming workshops, or by having him speak to your team, organization, or club.



Instagram: @rickalexander_


[6:38] Meet Rick Alexander.

[11:38] Abandoning faith.

[17:00] Rick's Journey.

[19:21] The heroes' journey.

[24:35] Heeding the call.

[29:05] Going back to nature.

[30:50] What factors lead people to explore other religions?

[37:11] The call to adventure is related to following your life purpose?

[43:56] "I can't speak."

[51:30] Are the male roles changing?

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