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| Jan 14, 2021

Why men need to undomesticate themselves for the world with Chris Bale

Chris Bale

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Empower yourself. As men, we have always been civilized to repress our masculinity, our body, so as not to look like pigs or deprived when it comes to our sexuality. Creating many men traumas and complexes on this subject.

In today's episode with Chris Bale, we will talk about masculinity, what it is, how to achieve it, how to overcome trauma through it. You will learn that worshiping your body will give you confidence in yourself. It will give you security about who you are as a man.

Get ready to receive a dose of masculinity in this episode. You are going to love it! 


Spiritual Mentor & Guide - Master Energy Worker.

Acupuncturist - Medical Qigong - Sexual Alchemist

Chris is an Internationally-known Spiritual Mentor and Master Energy-Worker. He is an ignitor of that which is real, and an illuminator of that which has been forgotten. He is a reminder.

He has an extensive education in many different modalities of energy practices; including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Medical QiGong, Reiki, Pranic Healing, & Sexual Alchemy.

Over the years, Chris has gathered an extensive amount of experiential understanding of the masculine and feminine energies, and shares his knowledge in his own unique voice, to assist and guide others into deeper consciousness and embodiment - Offering potent mentoring for men, and transformative energy work sessions for women.

Chris holds an extremely potent and transformative energetic frequency, which can be felt in his presence, and is the core of his transmission work.

Compassionate patience, accompanied by an UNWAVERING deliverance of consciousness & truth in its rawest and most penetrating forms; Chris gets right to the core of the collective-trauma and conditionings which has taken up residence in each one of us. 


Instagram: @chrisbaleawakened


[1:43] Chris nomad life.

[6:19] What drew Chris' path in the world.

[10:14] Chris' journey into masculinity.

[15:27] Breaking down the meaning of uncalibrated man.

[17:25] What does embodiment mean for Chris.

[19:57] The depth of presence.

[25:55] Worship your body, feel your genitals.

[32:51] Join the UNcivilized Nation.

[33:25] The difference between men and women traumas.

[40:10] What does it mean to "Stay clean."

[44:43] How to find your purpose.

[47:27] Why distractions don't let men awake.

[55:58] Where to find Chris.

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