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| Dec 23, 2021

Will Fraser — From professional rugby to tackling the broken hearted prison system.

 Will Fraser

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Would you forgive a criminal?
Today's guest is a man who undertook the task of visiting prisoners and getting to know them and their histories. Years have passed since William Fraser started his foundation to help people, especially those who remain in jail for misdemeanors. William believes that with support, coaching, and making a change in the employment crisis that his country is going through, it is possible to prevent these people from falling back into the same paths.
In this episode, we bring this fascinating topic to the table. Do you think we can prevent criminals from going back to prison?
Will is an ex-professional rugby player for Saracens RFC. Will joined the Saracens Academy in 2005 aged just 14 and was a member of the famed 'Class of 08,' alongside the likes of Owen Farrell & Jamie George.
After a ten-year playing career, unfortunately, he was forced to retire from playing in 2017 as a result of a neck injury.
In 2020, Will took his first entrepreneurial step in launching 100 & First. This foundation was born from the realization of the power of incredible real-life experiences and how (if told in the right way) the learnings from them apply to any person or environment. The only difference is the context in which they are applied.
Twitter:  @Will_Fraser89 
[3:26] Meeting today's guest.
[7:12] The size and scope of rugby as a sport.
[10:03] An accident that changed his path.
[16:57] How to manage transitions?
[20:13] From the spotlight to the shadows.
[28:48] Are we willing to look at the traumas prisoners have?
[36:51] The right way to encourage without hurting others.
[41:16] What do different countries think about this issue?
[48:39] What does William expect from his actions to help these people?
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