You're Not Sorry

Stop apologizing

Gentlemen, stop.

Are you apologizing for your power because other men have abused there own?

Are you apologize for your strength because other men and forgotten that strength comes laced with responsibility. Are you apologizing for your sexual desires because they don’t fit into a neat little, power dynamic free box?

What else are you apologizing for, for reasons that are not your own? And why?

Know this —
the single most
dangerous human
in the world is
a man who is free.

Free of the civilized tethers and disempowering opinions of those complicit in perpetuating a victim paradigm.

The Uncivilized Man
is a man who
shamelessly celebrates
his power, honors his
strength, and owns
his desires —

This is a
free man.

This is you just a few decisions from now.
Stop apologizing for who you are, who you were born to be,
and who you want to become. Start owning that shit. Unapologetically.

Freedom awaits.

Yours Uncivilized,


Two Step

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