The UNcivilized Men's Initiation: A Reintroduction to the Primal and Divine

March 22nd–26th 2023 · Austin, TX
(3pm Wednesday – 1pm Sunday)

Men in group discussion

4 IMMERSIVE days of EXPLORING EVERYTHING no one taught you about

Men in a workshop with horses

1 FULL DAY to deepen your power, integrity & contact skills with the bullshit detector of horses.

What is the UNcivilized Initiation?


Please direct all questions to [email protected]

Starting on Wednesday night, March 22nd we’re taking a group of men just like you on a personal journey to become

the man the world failed to teach you how to be.

If you’re reading this and you’re tired of apologizing for being a man or are confused as to how to express yourself in the world as a man— WE WANT YOU WITH US.

Micheal Gay leading a men's workshop

For FOUR days and FOUR nights in a closed container we will commune as men, learn as men, and live as men.

This workshop is not for the uncommitted or the faint of heart. It will challenge you, change you, and change how you walk in the world as a man.

Are you in?


Please direct all questions to [email protected]


Hear what our past participants have to say about their experience at the UNcivilized Initiation.

I know what you're thinking...

“It sounds great in theory, but is it really possible?”

Can you really...

  • Release yourself of society’s baggage around what it means to be a man and live without apology
  • Radically shift your experience and that of those around you by deeply embracing the primal within you
  • Connect to a power beyond yourself to gain guidance, wisdom, and connection
  • Learn how to be a beacon of safety for yourself and those around you
  • Free yourself from past traumas and deeply buried pain so you can breathe again
  • Confront the ways you’re numbing, avoiding, and running from what scares you the most — YOUR POWER
Oh yes, you most certainly can.
Traver Boehm leading a workshop


Traver Boehm


is the author of the books “Today I Rise” and “Man UNcivilized”. He’s a two-time TEDx speaker, men’s coach, and the founder of the UNcivilized Men’s Movement. He’s helped men all over the world to become UNcivilized as they wake up to the power of their hearts, the brilliance of their bodies, and the wisdom of their souls so they can blaze their own path by uniquely blending both the primal and the divine within them.

He is dedicated to doing his part to help end the suffering in men, and the suffering caused by men, by guiding them through their own journey into an actualized version of masculinity.

You can find out more about him here.

Duey Freeman

Duey Freeman, MA LPC

is the founder of Nature Informed Psychotherapy, co-founder of the Gestalt Equine Institute of the Rockies, joined, revived and became the director of the Gestalt Institute of the Rockies in the early 80’s and has been a prominent faculty member in the the MA Transpersonal Counseling Program at Naropa University for 31 years.

Duey is the creator of Gestalt Equine Psychotherapy which he currently practices on his ranch in Golden, Colorado.

As a licensed psychotherapist, teacher, consultant and mentor Duey shares his experience as well as his original model of Attachment and Development in his work and teachings as well as in his travels domestically and internationally. All of his work is relationally based with an emphasis on the I -Thou relationship.

You can find out more about him here.

Michael Gay

Michael Gay

is a therapist in private practice in Boulder, Colorado. He earned his M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Naropa University with a focus in Transpersonal Psychology.

Michael has worked in the field of counseling for the last 14 years as a guide, therapist, and trainer. He was a Wilderness Therapy guide for 6 years, leading and facilitating in deep transformational work with teens, adults, and families in the mountains and high desert. He has also worked extensively in the field of addiction and recovery. He specializes in work with depression, groups, trauma, PTSD, grief, and families.

In addition to his M.A., Michael completed a 3 year training at the Gestalt Institute of the Rockies, and continues to train at the Gestalt Equine Institute.

You can find out more about him here.


Spaces limited. This will sell out.


Please direct all questions to [email protected]

The UNcivilizing: A Men's Initiation into the Primal and the Divine

will take you on a journey through:



The primal
and Divine

Framing your new paradigm of masculinity with Traver




How to build authentic relationships with Duey



The Wild

How to work with anger, grief, fear, and shame with Michael




Identifying and shifting Entitlement into fierce & unapologetic expression with Traver




Letting go of control and creating trust in every relationship with Duey



The Wild

Learning to harness your inner compass out in the wilderness with Michael




Creating a new relationship with your darkness and your ability to lead with Traver




Creating a new template for relating to the feminine with Duey



The Power
of Breath

A group Breathwork experience to release what is buried deep within you and powerfully reset your nervous system with Micheal


Fire & The Mountain — Guided Morning Meditation For Leaders.

Start your day on fire with your head, heart and balls all connected.

Bonus #2

The Man UNcivilized

This course is how you go from white belt to black belt as a man.

When people ask us why they should come to the UNcivilized Initiation and not another men’s weekend, our answer is simple —

Duey Freeman and his horses.

Getting to work with Duey and his Equine staff is a wildly rare and even more impactful opportunity, don’t miss out on this.

Horses don’t lie and are brilliant bullshit detectors. If YOU want clarity about how you’re showing up in your relationships, this is where you’ll find it.

Here’s what some of our graduates of our work have told us:

Placeholder Image

I can put my life into two chapters — before and after meeting Traver Boehm. His guidance has shifted everything drastically. I am the man I am today because of him and his teachings.
–J.R., Los Angeles, CA

One day I picked up a copy of a book with a gorilla on the cover and my life has never been the same since. I know this because I’m still alive and I’m still married, two things I’m not sure I’d be having not found Traver and his work.
–S.L., Boulder, CO

Placeholder Image

I am incredibly fortunate to have had Duey as a teacher and mentor! His unconditional acceptance, soulful honesty, strength, warmth, and unique teachings not only influence my work with clients but also have made me a better mother, wife and human. Duey walks his talk and opens his heart. He helped me be developed instead of damaged by my personal challenges. If anyone out there has an opportunity to work with Duey Freeman – do it! His way of being is transformational and he changed my life!
–Katy S.

Sitting across from Duey Freeman is the closest I have come to seeing myself as I am and who I would like to be as a man. His presence is that of a sentinel tree, deeply rooted with branches forming a vast embrace, a beacon in the landscape of a battered world.

Placeholder Image

Michael has the gift of finding the deepest part of a wound and holding an exquisite, loving space while it gets released. I’m incredibly grateful to have found him.
–Perry R, Boulder, CO

I contacted Michael while going through a divorce and his work with me on the land got my feet back under me and helped me feel sane. I can count him as one of very few people who helped me navigate a truly trying situation.
–Robert B, Denver, CO

Traver leading a workshop

This workshop is perfect if you want to:

  • Own your masculine power
  • Understand how to hold heart-led powerful boundaries
  • Release the trauma that’s holding you back from expressing yourself unapologetically
  • Work with three of the field’s leading experts
  • Embrace your deepest power and innate wildness
  • Let go of your limiting beliefs and implanted stories about who you are and what you’re capable of
  • Create a new relationship with the very land you walk on daily.


You’re either living your fantasy daily or you’re fantasizing. YOUR CHOICE.

We’ve been where you are and now the path you’re about to take. It’s the most rewarding journey you can ever take —

it’s the journey to freedom, truth, and authenticity.

Join us. Now.


Please direct all questions to [email protected]


Truly a one-of-a-kind experience on 11 acres of natural beauty right outside Austin, TX.

Plenty of space to have a delicious meal, play shuffle board, foose-ball, & arcade games. There is a saltwater heated pool and spa, and a custom oversized fire pit for stargazing.

Overhead view of the ranch
Overhead view of the ranch
Poolside view at the location
Bunk beds
Bunk beds
Ax-throwing range
Waterfront view at the location
Horses at the location

The Initiation includes:

PRICE: $2,950

UNcivilized Initiation group photo

  • 4 Day Workshop
  • Private chef/3 Paleo-esque meals a day
  • Full meals, snacks, teas, coffees, juices (ALL non-alcoholic drinks)
  • Lodging 
  • The Fire and the Mountain Meditation
  • The Man UNcivilized Online Course
  • Payment plans available — 3x payments of $1,100
  • Flights and Transportation are not included.

Sorry, this event is sold out

Man participating in horse workshop


When does the Initiation Retreat take place?

The Initiation starts on Wednesday, March 22nd at 3pm, and we wrap up on Sunday, March 26th at 1pm.

What’s the facility like there?

Here is a LINK to the house. We have 15 private rooms with king beds and four single bunk beds. Beds will be first come, first serve.

What’s the best way to arrive?

Fly right into Austin Airport or fly into Dallas and make the 2.5 hour drive. Carpools can be arranged on your own through the group Telegram Channel.

The address of the house will be sent to you upon registration.

What kind of food will we be eating?

We’ve got an amazing private chef who will be making sure you’re stuffed throughout the workshop. We’re going Paleo’esque with the aim to be eating unprocessed foods with lots of meat and veggies.

Will there be coffee?

Are you out of your mind?! Of course there will be.

Is it ok for me to show up with physical limitations?

Absolutely. Although there will be physical components to the workshop, all that is needed is your presence and willingness to do your best. This is not a competition.

Can I purchase this for someone I love?

100%. Please email [email protected] and my team will take care of you.

Outdoor activities during the Initiation

Please direct all questions to [email protected]

Men's workshop group photo

4 IMMERSIVE days of EXPLORING EVERYTHING no one taught you about

Equine workshop

1 FULL DAY to deepen your power, integrity & contact skills with the bullshit detector of horses.