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The Man UNcivilized Online Course is THE course I give to my private clients.

Clients paying me up to $5,000 a month for personal coaching.

It’s the answer to the single most asked question I get from men:

“How do I take my journey as an UNcivilized man to the next level?”

Whether you’ve read my book or haven’t (you should read it), this is how you go from white belt to black belt as a man.

It’s how you claim your power, hone your vision, and start owning every room you walk into whether that’s a boardroom, a bedroom, or a bar.

It’s how you EMBODY the teachings of my book and put them into practice, just like hundreds of men who’ve done the exact same thing.

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Over the next 12 weeks, you’ll be diving into these specific topics:

How Grounded Masculinity Is The Key To Your New Kingdom
Why Dialing In Your Integrity Makes You Unfuckwithable
Owning Your Needs And Creating Healthy Boundaries
The Importance Of Living Your Mission And Purpose
Stop Saying "I'm Sorry" and start ONLY saying "Thank You"
The Chapter That Most Guys Hate But End Up Loving — The Self Care Manifesto
Change Your Body With Food
Seeing Money Through The Lens Of POWER
Why You Need To Embrace Challenge
How To Own And Communicate Your Sexual Desires (This Is Massive)
Creating Commitments You'll Stick To To Build Your Vision
Understanding Why You Yourself Are On A Hero's Journey



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Guided Morning Meditation For Leaders.

Start your day on fire with your head, heart and balls all connected.


How You Fuck
Your Woman.

This Master Class with Sophie Josephina will change everything you think you know about women and pleasure.

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Who this course is for:

Any man who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. This is for men who know there’s more out there for them as men but haven’t been able to reach it quite yet.

This is for men who look at the civilized world and think, “Fuck that. Fuck. That. The last thing I’m working my ass off for is debt, diabetes, and a divorce.”

Fuck that.

This is for men who look at civilized world and realize it’s selling a false bill of goods.

This is for men who want to be safe partners, safe fathers, and safe men.

This is for men who want to be independent of the good opinion of the civilized world and LEAD in every area of their lives.

This is for men who want to own their story, own their lives, and own every room they walk into.

Who this course is not for:

Any man who’s not interested in putting the work in, not getting outside of his comfort zone, and continuing to play the victim.

Go find someone else’s course and save your money if this is you.

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How long does this course take?

It’s a 12 week course but you can do it all in a day if you want. I recommend following along week by week to best absorb and embody each of the week’s lessons and exercises.

How long do I have access to the course material?

You have it for life!

Is there personal coaching involved in the course?

While you’re on your own to do this at your own speed, there are coaches available for you throughout the program. Email [email protected] if you feel you need some personal work while you go through this.

What’s the biggest change I can expect from doing this course?

A massive increase in confidence is what most men tell me they walk away with. That and a perspective shift that allows them to stop feeling like they’re victims and take ownership of their lives.

Is there a defined start and end to this?

Nope, you’re free to start as soon as you register today! Dive in.


What others have to say about the course
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The week on money and power was worth 10x the price you're charging Traver, that shift was massive for me. I'm halfway to paying off my debt already.

I'll be honest, I was hesitant when I bought this. On week three I knew it was way worth it. My boundaries used to be shit, but now I get it. Appreciate you explaining all of this in guy terms.

Dude, where was this 10 years ago?! I have a feeling my life would be so different had I known what I know now. Great work here, sir.

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Traver, I'm only four weeks into the course and my girlfriend is shocked at the difference. I'm making decisions, waking up early and I feel like I know my purpose for the first time in 31 years. Can't thank you enough.

Brother this course was a life saver, for real. I was in a bad spot when my girlfriend got it for me and it's really helped me recognize how much pain I was trying to hide from. Now I feel like I can breathe again and I know what I'm building!

Traver Boehm

Traver Boehm

Traver Boehm knows men. How they think, what’s behind their behavior, and most importantly — their unique challenges in the modern landscape.

In 2016 after losing a pregnancy, his marriage, and his business partnership all within weeks of each other, he created a radical year-long social experiment to answer the question, “Who am I as a man?”

Traver is the the founder of the UNcivilized Men’s Movement, the fastest growing men’s movement in the world. He is the author of “Today I Rise”, and “Man UNcivilized” as well as a two-time TEDx speaker, men’s coach and podcaster.

Drawing upon an eclectic background ranging from professional bodyguard and Mixed Martial Arts to a Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and meditation, Traver counsels men, women, and couples on how to better understand men’s mental health and relationship difficulties.

With a passion for people and a unique lens through which to view the human experience, Traver is a highly sought after teacher in the fields of consciousness, relationship, and personal development.

Check out his amazing TEDx talk by clicking here.

Instagram: @traverboehm