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| Oct 10, 2022

Elise Micheals — Understanding how men tick, as a woman.

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Did you know that the lack of connection can lead us to depression, addiction, infidelity, and even a midlife crisis?
A society that celebrates function has forced hundreds of men to think logically, suppressing their emotions and sweeping them under the rug. What we do not know is that this is an error that later in life, it will be difficult for us to solve.
In this episode, we will be joined by Elise Micheals. She is a mental health coach for men, and perhaps you may think that she doesn't know how to help men because she is a woman. Elise's knowledge about men and her point of view is impressive — I even took out some golden nuggets from this conversation.
With Elise, we will talk about trauma, connection, disconnection, and how the latter affects us in our lives and relationships. We will dive into the midlife crisis and how to prevent it from affecting us.
Men's mental health coach. She helps clients heal subconscious trauma, improving the quality of their relationships, lives, and business.
With her own exploration of trauma therapy, relationship science, neuroscience, NLP, and therapy of her own, she was able to pinpoint the cycles and behaviors that ultimately always led to her demise.
Now she helps men, as many men are silenced when it comes to emotions. This causes their struggles to be compounded and makes it even more difficult to process.
[2:04 Who's Elise Micheals.
[4:16 Why do most men suffer a midlife crisis?
[5:46] Elise's Story.
[7:23] How to avoid a midlife crisis?
[11:05] Why do men have a hard time expressing emotions?
[13:14] How do childhood traumas affect our adulthood?
[15:23] The importance of connection.
[21:10] Why do men find it difficult to understand the idea of ​​pouring back into themselves?
[25:30] The illusion of control.
[31:34] How self-connection helps us to have better relationships and change our environment.
[41:10] What should men know about other men?
[42:57] Where to find Elise?
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