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| May 02, 2022

GS Youngblood — The art of embodiment for men.

GS Youngblood

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Do you live in the past, present, or future?
Joining again for another episode of the UNcivilized Podcast, today's guest is GS Youngblood. He is here to present his new book, The Art of Embodiment for Men, where he talks about how an embodiment practice can change our lives and help us build our masculine core to become more powerful and relational men. We will hear how these practices can lead us to have more loving, respectful relationships, with less fighting and more sex. In addition, we will learn about the differences between the practice of embodiment and meditation.
GS coaches men in relationships on how to live, love, and lead from their Masculine core. He specializes in "nice guys" who are with strong women. His teachings combine deep embodiment work with the framework of the Masculine blueprint from his book "The Masculine in Relationship."
His writings are filtered through the laboratory of his and his clients' real-world, long term relationships (including the successes and spectacular failures) to see what actually works and what doesn't. Through this lens of Masculine leadership, he also pulls in principles from a variety of fields: psychology, martial arts, tango, meditation, and BDSM.
In his past life, GS was a high tech executive in Sales and Marketing for 16 years, including founding and selling a company. The leadership practices of Silicon Valley, based on clarity and inspiration rather than control, are a major influence on the model of Masculine leadership he shares with his clients.
[6:28] What is the embodiment practice?
[11:48] Difference between embodiment and meditation.
[14:38] What is your daily practice missing, and how to start one.
[20:44] How does our energy influence our relationships?
[24:56] Feel your partner's pain, not their blame.
[37:52] Connect your voice with your heart.
[44:39] The importance of feeling our body.
[48:32] Learn to split your attention.
[52:40] How efficient is the embodiment practice?
[55:10] Intention versus attention.
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