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| Jul 18, 2022

Jayaji — The contemplative life of fatherhood and the spiritual path.


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Imagine growing up with the talent of teaching and advising your parents from a very young age; this is the story of today's guest, Jayaji.
An unusual story and life.
It all started when his mother's psychic friend predicted his future at first sight. After many years, that vision became a reality because today, Jayaji is a yoga teacher and spiritual guide.
From Australia to Guatemala, he still has a long way to go and hundreds of people to guide.
Don't miss Jayaji's story! I'm sure you're going to love it.
Founder of Sound Ceremony, Jayā Saraswatī, Floresta Atitlan, and co-owner of the Yoga Forest.
Author of more than five published books and two hymns (medicine hymn books).
Instagram: @jayajii
[3:14] Who's Jayaji.
[4:50] Influenced by music and new age culture.
[9:24] Thinking outside the box.
[11:05] Where does true spiritual awakening come from?
[16:00] Marrying music and spirituality.
[23:04] The challenges of moving to a foreign country.
[29:20] The relationship with the word practice.
[37:30] A healthy relationship with our emotions.
[40:07] Contemplating what it means to exist in the world as a man.
[45:28] The male and female roles in marriage.
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