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| Jul 24, 2023

The truth about selling your company for stupid amounts of money - Ryan Goodman

Calling Guardians

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In this impactful interview, entrepreneur Ryan Goodman sheds light on the urgent issue of anti-child sex trafficking, emphasizing the need for collective action. Through his business, Ryan becomes a beacon of hope, actively fighting against this heinous crime and making a meaningful difference in the lives of victims.

We'll be diving into Ryan's powerful journey of purpose-driven entrepreneurship, where emotions fuel actionable change. It's a great reminder that meaningful action can lead to a positive impact and change in the world. Ryan's inspiring words will show you that we all have the power to be a force for good. Together, we can create a safer, more compassionate world for our children and future generations.

So, join us and listen to Ryan's compelling call for empathy as we unite in a noble quest to eradicate child sex trafficking. Let's work together to ensure a brighter future for all!

Ryan is a passionate entrepreneur who is actively fighting against anti-child sex trafficking. Through his business, Calling Guardians, he brings hope and support to victims while creating a positive workplace culture.



[04:34] Who is Ryan Goodman and what does he do?

[14:50] Definition of culture: Respect, values, and transparency

[23:08] From architect to entrepreneur: Following the heart's call

[31:08] The money myth: Looking beyond material possessions

[36:08] Balancing fatherhood and entrepreneurship

[39:46] Birth of a business idea and its execution

[50:45] Connect with Calling Guardians

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