The UNcivilized Podcast

| Aug 29, 2022

Tom Gaines — Special forces and a life of service.

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There is a belief that the first responders are broken after their service. Although it is not entirely untrue—since some suffer from PTSD—there is always room to heal.

Today's guest is Tom Gaines, a man passionate about serving and helping others. This led him to serve as a military and special force for several years.

In this episode, Tom will be talking about service and the importance of aligning your values ​​with those of the organizations you work for or serve. Furthermore, we will dive into the challenges that come with being a man in today's society, and the feeling of loneliness for first responders.

You're not alone. There are always people willing to help you.


The son of a military father, Tom studied history at the University of Tennessee.

At 17, he was an army officer, taking him to serve in Iraq and Naples, Italy.

In 2014, he studied special operations, a position he continues doing to this day.


[2:25] Who's Tom Gaines?

[8:42] Is there a mental preparation to be outside the wire?

[11:47] The importance of managing your emotions as a military person.

[16:45] How does not having control over decisions affect us?

[20:00] The power of values.

[32:24] The unintended challenges of belonging to the special forces.

[36:34] The current challenges we face as men.

[40:35] Finding a middle ground between the primal and the divine.

[43:05] The importance of learning to heal.

[48:32] Connect with Tom.

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