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| Apr 04, 2022

Unni Turrettini — Mass shootings and the epidemic of male loneliness

Unni Turrettini

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How can a person with no criminal record become a mass murderer, killing seventy-seven people and injuring hundreds more?

This story captured the attention of today's guest Unni Turrettini. The lawyer decided to investigate a little further the murder committed by Anders Behring Breivik and found the factor that led this now 43-year-old man to commit this terrorist attack; loneliness.

In today's episode, we meet up with Unni to discuss the mind of Breivik and what it means to be a lone wolf in today's society.

Was this mass murder preventable? Unni has the answer for us.


Unni Turrettini was born in northern Norway and grew up in Drammen, a city near Oslo, approximately twenty minutes from where Breivik was raised. As a foreign exchange student, she graduated from high school in Kansas City, Kansas, and she has law degrees from Norway, France, and the United States. She currently lives with her family in Geneva, Switzerland, and is at work on a second book, a behind-the-scenes examination of the Nobel Peace Prize.


Instagram: @unnitur


[4:18] Looking for answers.

[10:07] What drives a person to murder?

[12:40] How to reach a lonely person?

[17:28] From self-isolation to studying other people's isolation.

[20:33] Is Unni now the serial killer lady?

[21:43] How to distinguish between loneliness and isolation?

[26:51] Discover your value as a person and self-love.

[34:29] How does social media play a role in loneliness?

[43:22] Using a magic wand to make people value themselves.


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