The UNcivilized Podcast

| May 22, 2023

Why you need to know about women’s sexual health. - Carly Rae Beaudry

Carly Rae Beaudry

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Embrace the natural rhythm of life, for it holds the key to genuine connection. 

Get ready for an eye-opening episode where we dive into why it's so important for guys to understand women's menstrual cycles. Our special guest, Carly Rae Beaudry, is here to guide women in embracing their cycles and feminine nature. Trust me, this knowledge can seriously level up your support and intimacy in relationships.

Join us as we bust some myths, chat about the power of fertility awareness, and navigate the emotional and physical ups and downs throughout the month. Plus, we'll dish out some practical tips for being there for the women in your life and empowering their choices.

So grab your headphones and join us on this journey of growth, empathy, and thriving together. It's gonna be awesome!



Carly Rae is a full spectrum birth worker and manual therapist with 16 years of experience. She specializes in hands-on, hands-in pelvic work, guiding women through the depths of their female anatomy. As the creator of FLESH + BLOOD, Carly empowers women to embrace their body literacy and connect with their true nature. Her work is a testament to the remembrance and celebration of the feminine essence.



[4:30] Who's Carly Rae Beaudry?

[6:18] Misunderstandings about women's cycles: lack of understanding and disgust.

[9:26] Importance of men understanding women's cycles: addressing birth control and fertility awareness.

[11:40] Mapping a woman's cycle and embracing its cyclical nature.

[15:31] Supporting women during their cycles.

[21:14] Shared responsibility in reproductive matters.

[26:17] Challenges and support for each cycle stage.

[33:35] Recognizing the significance of menstrual bleeding in the world.

[36:53] Exploring the topic of sex during menstruation.

[40:00] Insight on menstrual cups as an alternative option.

[46:20] Unveiling unknown facts about women's cycles and bodies.

[49:48] Discussing possibilities of changing societal perceptions.

[52:26] Where to find Carly for more information.


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