The UNcivilized Podcast

| May 16, 2022

Arjuna Dharmadas — Living life on the spiritual path

Arjuna Dharmadas

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When we stop living under other people's expectations, we become the only writers of our history and builders of our paths.
Today's guest is Arjuna Dharmadas. He is a man who left the country of his birth to live a nomadic lifestyle and follow his path, taking him to live in Thailand, India, Egypt, Guatemala, etc.
Arjuna is the founder of an Ashram in Guatemala, where I experienced the dark retreat a few years ago. They are now based in Europe, specifically in Italy, where he and his wife continue to teach people and transform their lives through spirituality.
In this episode, we will talk about how to avoid falling into a cult, ego, personal practices, and what it was like for Arjuna to leave Germany and start teaching around the world.
Arjuna has been studying & practicing eastern spiritual traditions all over the Eastern & Western world for over twenty years starting his path and deep soul-quest at nineteen when he discovered Theravada Buddhism and Vipassana meditation along with Sivananda Yoga and left home for good. Convinced that there is much more to life that he’s been told, he's completed dozens of retreats in the Buddhist, Yogic, Tantrik and Advaita (Non-Duality) traditions, some of them in silence, solitude and complete darkness. Arjuna recognizes that we all make our path as we walk, no size fits all. We are all fiercely unique writers of our own story once we let go of the desire to fulfill anyone else’s expectations but the ones that make our Soul alive and are ready to go on our own Hero’s journey. He aspires to bring the courage for grounded Awareness into every breath.
[4:11] What was it like to leave your home country and open an ashram in another country?
[14:52] A higher call requires work on earth to be done.
[19:16] How to achieve goals without spirituality?
[25:20] Are personal practices necessary?
[29:37] What is Bhakti?
[32:51] How do we avoid falling into a cult?
[39:11] How to avoid falling into ego?
[43:38] How to guide people to their path?
[50:29] Is it okay to use medicinal plants for a rapid rise?
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