The UNcivilized Podcast

| Jun 27, 2022

Dr. Angus Fletcher — How “Story Thinking” is the operating system of the brain.

Dr. Angus Fletcher

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The brain and a computer are light years apart from being the same. It is true that both store data, process information, and perform tasks. However, although technology tries to simulate the human intelligence processes, the human brain has proven to be better adapted than any computer could.
To dive into this topic, today we will be joined by the Story Science Professor, Angus Fletcher. Angus is a man curious about the human brain and how it works. His research led him to discover how history can help us to be tougher, capable, and to have courage.
During this episode, we talked about chaos, growth, attitude change, and initiative-taking. In addition, we will also be talking about the brain as a machine and why it is superior to computers, a topic worth listening to.
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Angus Fletcher is Professor of Story Science at Ohio State's Project Narrative. His research with teams in US Special Operations, Silicon Valley, and the Healthcare Community explains why children are more creative than AI, how to adapt and overcome in fast-changing chaotic environments, and how to more effectively treat grief, burnout, and trauma.
[4:37] Who's Angus Fletcher?
[6:32] Why is the human brain superior to a computer?
[10:08] Why are stories so captivating for us?
[14:15] How to reduce the rate of depression and anxiety in the male population?
[17:12] How to create a relationship with chaos?
[21:08] What to do to get out of burnout?
[24:25] Human beings and their relationship with the divine.
[26:20] How stories can help the military?
[33:57] What must I do to be successful?
[36:00] How to break the patterns?
[41:19] Creating a daily practice.
[44:48] How to manage isolation?
[48:07] More information about Angus.
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