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| Jun 13, 2022

Sylvester McNutt — How to thrive as a father and an artist — at the same time.

Sylvester McNutt

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From college poet to best-selling author.
Today's guest is Sylvester McNutt, surely you have heard of him, and if not, in today's episode, you will meet the renowned author of 9 books who is soon to release his tenth.
Sylvester's story shows us how taking leaps of faith can change our lives. Today we will hear how our guest went from being a college poet and working at corporate America to becoming a writer. His story, like many, has ups and downs, where alcohol was his worst enemy.
Sylvester McNutt III is an 8x bestselling author, podcaster, public speaker, course creator, and father. Sylvester teaches people how to transform their mindsets through self-awareness and healing practices.
[3:38] Who's Sylvester?
[12:27] From love letters to manuscripts.
[18:41] The leap of faith: his first book publication.
[26:20] Establishing himself as a writer.
[29:16] Sylvester talks about his ninth and tenth books.
[32:09] Facing the new challenges of parenthood.
[41:48] The positive consequence of having a child.
[44:10] Parenting advice.
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