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| Mar 14, 2022

Zark Fatah — When you have it all but know there’s more.

Zark Fatah

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I know how interesting it is to hear the typical story of the man who had everything and lost it all due to his vices. However, this story has an unexpected twist.
Today's guest is Zark Fatah. A man who, despite having lived a luxurious life, surrounded by vices and excesses, within the world of entertainment and nightlife, his mentality of success made him stay on the sidelines.
At the age of 40, he decided to leave everything and move to Costa Rica, where he started a different path to become a transformational expert and coach.
Imagine waking up one day and deciding to abandon a life that just a few can enjoy. Would you do it?
Zark is a serial entrepreneur, world traveler, men's coach, retreat leader, psilocybin advocate and philanthropist. He is an ICF certified professional coach, graduating from the Co-Active Training Institute Professional Coach Training certification program. He’s completed several Landmark Education courses including the Introduction Leaders Program as well as the Awakened Leadership training and has completed Level 1 of the Authentic Relating Training.
Zark is a highly trained coach with a wide range of knowledge and life experience and offers private one-to-one coaching sessions as well as online courses for those that want to accelerate their growth and development.
[5:28] Meeting Zarak.
[13:55] "Nightlife led me to create my persona."
[22:18] Standing on the sidelines.
[27:52] The beginning of a serial entrepreneur.
[31:04] Success expectations.
[36:05] How to dissolve a partnership?
[39:44] What drives Zarak now?
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